What Are Gel Nails? 5 Benefits Of Gel Nail Polish

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Gel nails are artificial nails with a close resemblance to natural Nail Polish. However, there is a cherry on top: they are more fashionable and are similar to acrylic nails. So, if you desire an acrylic design on a natural-looking nail, you need gel nails. 

Gel nails are made by combining a polymeric powder with a monomeric liquid. Here’s how it works. 

The polymer powder and the monomer liquid come together with a binding force. They form long strands of polymer that dry up to become a hard resin. It is this hard resin that looks like natural fingernails.  

One huge plus for gel nails is that they are made up of short-chain monomers, called oligomers. This fantastic component makes gel nails more flexible than acrylic nails.

Commercially, gel nails are presented in two forms. 

  • Light-cured gels 
  • No-light-cured gels 

As the name implies, the light-cured gels are artificial nail gels that are converted to hardened gel nails by simply applying them to your fingers and placing them under UV light. Within two minutes, your fingers will be thoroughly beautified with amazing gel nails.  

The no-light gels are converted into hardened gel nails using a special gel activator. You need to get only the prescribed one. Again, no-light means there is no need for UV light; however, there is an activation need. Interestingly, some of these no-light gels only need to be dipped in ordinary water to harden.  

 You can do many things with gel nails to enhance your fashion outlook. These nails are just like the standard acrylic nails. They come with the added advantage of flexibility. That gives you the room to wear them as short or long nails. You can also file your gel nails into any desired shape, like square, round, or pearl. You can also go artistic with them by polishing them with gel nail polish. These gel nail polishes are different from regular nail polish in that they form a tougher bond with your gel nails and make the nails more rugged.  

The Benefits of Gel Nail Polish 

Traditional nail polish has many disadvantages that are now eliminated by the best gel nail polish. Some of the disadvantages of regular nail polish include smudging and waiting for hours to dry up. They are also less durable, as they peel off in a matter of days.  

Here, we will show you why you should choose gel nail polish over regular nail polish any day.  


This is one of the fears many women have. They often ask the question, “How long-lasting is this nail polish?” The best gel nail polish lasts longer than regular nail polish. If you haven’t tried it before, you should!  

When gel nail polish is applied to your gel nails, they will retain the artistic and beautiful color and design for up to four weeks. The best gel nail polish doesn’t smudge. They are cured under UV light, so they dry up instantly once applied. That’s the trick behind smudge-free artistic nail polish.  

Augmented Protection 

Best gel nail polish also protects your nails, especially if they are fragile and prone to breakage. The gel nail polish, once applied, acts as a physical barrier against all forms of pollutants, dust, and dirt. With gel nail polish applied to your nails, they can now withstand more battering while you go about living life to the fullest. That’s augmented protection because gel nails are generally prone to easy breakage. But with the polish applied, you’re good to go! 

Quick Drying 

One of your concerns could be how fast nail polish dries. Gone are the days when the only nail polish available required long periods of drying time. Today, the best gel nail polish dries instantly. Yes, they dry as fast as possible, within a minute or less. When you compare it to acrylic and non-acrylic polishes that take as long as an hour to dry after application, you’ll know that gel nail polish is a time saver. Again, that means you’ll also have zero fear of smudging your beautifully painted nails. 

Go Funky With Cool Designs 

Gel nail polish also allows you to go funky with your nails. As a lover of cool nail designs, you need the best gel nail polish in your quiver. They are versatile, which implies that you can play around with colors and designs.  

You can apply layers upon layers to create the design of your dreams. That’s because each layer of gel nail polish can be cured. And with the fast-drying feature, your artistic nails are just a few layers of polish away.  

Go Natural 

You deserve the best nail polish if you are a nature lover. That’s what you need to pamper your fingers without losing their natural feel and enthusiasm. You can apply the nail polish in thin layers. That makes it easier to blend and also allows for enhanced flexibility. Also, nail polish doesn’t exude a foul smell.  

The merits of gel nails come at a price. They cost more than some of the other types of artificial nails. But their cost is far less than your fingers’ need to be pampered. They also need to be treated with care, as they may break if care isn’t taken. Also, be advised that your investment in nails will be profitable if you go for the best nail polish. Also, be sure to clean your nail bed before applying the artificial nail. You can do this by using isopropyl alcohol. Now that you’re all set get your gel nails and apply the best polish on them.   


Gel nails allow you to design your nails without losing the touch of nature fashionably. Your nails will look natural yet optimally designed to exude beauty and elegance. This is what you need to protect your nails while staying funky at the same time. Now that you have the benefits of the best nail polish at your fingertips, it’s time to apply them Read More 

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