What Are the Uses for a Self Storage Facility?

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No matter if you’re moving or just need additional space, a self-storage unit might be the perfect solution. The benefits of a storage unit can vary based on what your needs are. There are different types of units that accommodate everything from furniture and household items to RVs and boats. Depending on your needs, you can find just about any type of storage unit for your belongings.

Whether your items are big or small, a storage unit can help keep your belongings safe, secure, and intact for as long as you require. A self-storage unit provides a suitable temporary space for just about anything from organization to extra warehouse space. Aside from the obvious uses of a self storage facility, however, there are a few other situations that you might not have considered. Let’s take a closer look at some of the uses for self-storage.


Items such as antique furniture, fine art, crystal, and china can all be treasured items that are passed down as family heirlooms. Usually, these items are very sentimental and very valuable. Heirlooms are passed from generation to generation and hold key pieces of family history and heritage. However, because these items are not everyday household pieces, many need storage space to keep them.

Depending on the items, it may not be suitable to store them in the attic orĀ garage storage, and they might be sensitive to temperatures, dust, humidity, or other elements. Self-storage units provide the optimal location to store family heirlooms. These facilities provide top-notch security while allowing owners 24-hour access to their units. Many indoor facilities also offer climate control and elevator access for peace of mind and ease of use.

College Students


Today, many more college students are attending school out of state. This means that more families and students are packing and moving belongings across long distances each semester. Storage units could prove to be the perfect solution for many long-distance students.

Storage options could allow belongings to stay where they are instead of packing items and moving them back and forth several times over four years. Students can move their dorm rooms and apartments into a storage facility, and they would only have to bring themselves home at the end of the year. This could help to simplify the entire process for students and families.

Weather Conditions


Many places around the country are prone to some rough weather conditions throughout the year. A storage facility could prove to be beneficial for those who need to move items out of danger from strong storms or flooding. Additionally, those people who experience harsh conditions during the winter months might also need to move outdoor furniture or equipment inside to protect the items from ice, snow, or below-freezing temperatures. Self-storage facilities can provide extra space for moving items and belongings out of the way of weather conditions to keep them safe.



With 32 million small businesses in the U.S., most owners report that space is a limiting factor. Many business owners must make use of all available space in their offices and retail locations. Often this means that there isn’t additional space available for extra inventory and extra office supplies or furniture.

While storage units are great for those who are moving or completing home renovations, they can provide many other beneficial uses. With storage units ranging from $100 to $300 per month, many of these facilities can be an affordable solution for several situations. If you shop around and compare units, you can find the best solution for your storage space needs Read More

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