What features should you look for in the YouTube to MP3 converter?

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The first thing to do is need to have a SaaS app that can be used with your computer. You’re looking for an app that can do YouTube to MP3 converter on your PC. It is compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS/X. Whichever operating systems you are using.

It is also possible to have the capability to convert YouTube playlists into mp3. The capability to batch convert will help save time copying and pasting URLs. You may also want to to convert to mobile. In this case you’ll need to find an online retailer that has an YouTube to MP3 iPhone application. Also, you can get an Android application, if it’s your preferred brand of phone.

Apart from YouTube to MP3, .WAV and other audio formats are also possible. It is possible to choose the .AAC audio format in addition. Particularly, if you’re a audio engineer or DJ looking for high-quality sound.

Points to Consider

It is also possible to have an option to control the output quality. You might desire 320kbps high-quality mp3 files. You could be content with lower bitrates , such as 96kbps, in the interest of saving space.

  • Also want to save your the files straight to Dropbox. This way, you don’t need first download the files onto your desktop before uploading the file to Dropbox.
  • Not least, you need a platform that is solid and reliable. You don’t want your PC and mobile phone’s safety to be compromised.
  • There’s a plethora of tools for conversion available Many supported by adware. Some contain malware.
  • You should be sure to conduct your research prior to downloading any software. Trustpilot.com is a good place to check a platform’s user reviews. However, an Google search that involves “shopping around” on different review websites is highly recommended.
  • However, conversions that are based on web browsers tools are slightly more safe. The worst thing that can be experienced is pop-up and popunder advertisements. or your activity being monitored.
  • Installing a reputable Ad blocker program such as AdBlock is highly advised.
  • You could also think about purchasing Ghostery for your computer to safeguard your privacy when you browse.

How do I convert YouTube to MP3?

To convert an YouTube video to MP3 Follow these steps. They’re fairly universal for every manufacturer.

1. Use YouTube’s search feature. Enter your name and the description of the clip that you’re looking for. or enough background information to identify the video using trial and error.

2. Find the URL of the video. It’s located in the search bar of your web browser. It is also accessible by clicking “Share” beneath the video.

3. Copy the URL. Copy your YouTube URL into your conversion tool or onto the page of the web tool within your browser.

4. Choose the type of conversion in the event that it is required. You can choose a choice of 320kbps bitrate to get top-quality output. Alternative formats for .mp3 include .mp4, .WAV, or .AAC.

5. Click the button to convert. The video will be converted to the format mp3. (Or any other format you’ve selected.)

6. If your video is converted successfully, press “download. The MP3 file will begin downloading to your computer.


The process of YouTube to MP3 is similar to apps for mobile devices. Certain vendors do however offer userscripts and browser extensions. These are able to convert the files straight from the streaming website without copying or pasting URLs.



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