What I Look For When Ordering Curtains Online?

There are two main options when ordering curtains: blend or pop. For blending, use the same shade of color as the walls. For wow, choose a bold color. If your walls are white, you can go bold with them. Unlined curtains, however, allow the sun to infuse the room with color. And remember to keep your room’s decor in mind, too. What I look for when ordering window treatments online.

Panel quantity depends on window wideness

The length and width of your curtain should be the first things to decide on. For a wider window, you should go with two panels. You must have a narrow window, that you can use one panel. But your window is wider, you can use multiple panels. You can also use a curtain rod, make sure to measure that too. This way, your drapes will be the right fullness. A minimum of 1.5 times the width of the pole is recommended, while two or three times is ideal. Sheer curtains should be three times the length of the rod.

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Standard curtains will have a width and length first. For larger windows, you’ll need multiple panels, while a single panel will cover a narrow window. To get the right fullness, multiply the length by the width of the curtain rod. The resulting measurement is the curtain’s length and width. A hem, or heading, defines the overall look and functionality of a curtain. A hem that is too wide will be unsightly, and one that is too small will not look right.

Right fullness is a crucial factor for curtains

When choosing curtains, the best place to shop is online. There are many great websites that offer advice from interior designers. For example, pairs customers with a professional designer, which helps them select the perfect pairs for their rooms. They provide a shopping list and then deliver the items to the customer’s door. If you want to make sure that your curtains are tailored to your window, you should consider going with a certain company that makes a custom-made set of drapes for you.

When ordering them, always consider the height of the curtain rod. The height of the curtain rod is important. Window treatment with a low pole will block light and heat. Similarly, a shorter rod will make the window look smaller. Moreover, the length of the rod should be at least three times the length of the pole. And the right fullness is a crucial factor for the quality of a drape.

Curtains length factor

Choosing the right length of curtains is an important factor when shopping for them. Generally, floor-length curtains are the best option for most rooms. Whether you’re looking for ready-made panels or a custom-made panel, you can ask the dry cleaners to hem the curtain for you. Ideally, the fabric should touch the floor. Otherwise, it will look nerdy and off-putting.

Curtains should be about two to three times longer than the width of your window. The length of your curtains should be two to three times as wide as the width of the rod. But don’t let the length fool you. Sheer curtains should be three times the width of your window. The width should match the width of the curtain rod. If it doesn’t match, you can always adjust it yourself. The height of the panel should also be adjustable.

Choose the length of the curtain. The length of a curtain is very important for your home. Most ready-made curtains come in different lengths. For example, tier curtains are typically 24 inches long. You should choose the correct length based on the measurements of your windows. If your window is long, you can use extra-long curtains to make a statement. Depending on the style of your window, you should select full-length or extra-long curtains.


Measure the window. Most curtains have a standard size. Some have different lengths. They are usually 63 inches long and eighty-four inches long. If you’re ordering ready-made curtains, you need to check the length from the top of the pole to the floor. Then you need to measure the length of the pole. If you’re ordering custom-made curtains, you need to measure the window size first.

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