What Is A Pecha Kucha?

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Pecha Kucha can be termed as a 20×20 presentation format that demonstrates your 20 selected images, each for 20 seconds. In simple words, you’ve got exact 400 seconds or 6 minutes and 40 seconds to inform your whole story, with appealing visuals shepherding the way. Pecha Kucha means chit-chat or having a conversation in Japanese. Furthermore, Pecha Kucha may be the best and most powerful sort of PowerPoint that has revolutionized the view and environment of presentations completely. And it is very different from writing an essay while a Pecha Kucha presentation develops imagery and effective use of the vocalized word to create a butter-smooth, unforgettable, significant, and succinct presentation. Moreover, it’s an impressive way of teaching students the way to make their best presentations for sophisticated assignments or projects. Pecha Kucha topics mean you want to talk less and present more. In Pecha Kucha topics, you don’t need to follow rules and guidelines.

When it involves Pecha Kucha’s ideas, believe simple ones that cause you to feel excited. When you want to share knowledge on these topics, the listeners will ultimately find themselves attracted to your presentation. Many students find themselves struggling with topics. If you discover yourself one of them, you needn’t go anywhere.


Effective and proven topics which will assist you to make an excellent presentation.


1. Communicate your travel experiences

Have you just arrived from an international trip? Maybe if not international, you’ll have gone on a road trip. You can make an excellent Pecha Kucha presentation once you elaborate on your trips and travel experiences. When someone travels, they usually click photos of themselves performing something. You can take these photos and discuss how you felt once you were in a different place. Apart from that, mention something surprising that you simply found. Travel experiences are always interesting. When you share them along with great visuals, they make the audience interested.


2. Talk about food

After travel, food is something that everyone loves. It thus comes within the list of effective Pecha Kucha topics. Everyone is usually interested in trying cuisines and sharing them with others. What you’ll do is share the names of the food items you wish to eat alongside their pictures. If you’ve made something, you’ll mention its recipe.

Tell your audience about the ingredients and therefore the cooking method of a selected food item you’re keen on organizing again, don’t enter much detail. Talk about what makes a selected food item so enjoyable for you. It will benefit you by engaging your listeners.


3. Talk about emotions

There must be something that you simply are scared of? Maybe there’s an emotion that troubled you tons before, but now you’ve found a way to regulate it. There are two aspects to an emotion. There are negative ones and positive ones.

If you’re talking about negative emotions, you’ll communicate about how they arise in people and methods to regulate them. On the opposite hand, if you’re talking about positive emotions, tell about their benefits. Refrain from delving into an excessive amount about yourself in your presentation. It’s because not every single person in your audience could also be curious about knowing your likes and dislikes.


4. Talk about the future

It is the list of the foremost interesting Pecha Kucha ideas for presentation. With this subject, you’ll allow your imagination to soar the maximum amount possible. There is such a lot to believe when it involves the longer term. For example, you’ll mention how aviation is going to be different five decades from now. You can also provide your opinions on how different things like devices, technology, natural resources, will impact human society in near future.


5. Experiment with satire

Not everyone finds themselves up to taking note of pieces of satire. Yet, if you discover yourself drawn thereto, consider it together of the straightforward Pecha Kucha topics. Make sure that you simply relate to making use of satire once you begin. It will allow your audience to organize themselves for it more appropriately.

When exploring satire, don’t always ridicule other aspects or people, like people generally do. Instead, you can mock yourself as well. It will make your content well-balanced, and your audience won’t find you being mean or sarcastic in the wrong sense. There isn’t any scope to urge into intricacies in 20 seconds. So, keep the deadline in mind whenever you’re using satire because of the main focus of your presentation.


6. Describe what you do for work

Not many of us consider explaining what they are doing to their audience as a Pecha Kucha sort of communication. This thing doesn’t come to them. But now that you simply know that, you’ll also explain what you are doing consider it together of the best Pecha Kucha topics. Just make sure that you’re less formal and don’t share anything too personal that ought to remain inside your business. Instead of it, specialize in communicating about your experiences and challenges and the way you’ve made progress in your journey thus far. Such things make the listeners engaged and interested.

Form a slide that stated what you are into. Add great pictures of your business premises, and you’ve got yourself an excellent Pecha Kucha presentation.


7. Communicate about your hobbies

Hobbies are unique to every person. Some may like dancing, while others may be interested in games. Yet another person may be into astrology. There are with great care many hobbies, so you’ll mention yours. The stranger, one’s hobby, the more intriguing it becomes to listen to about it when it involves talking about this subject.

When sharing information about your hobby, you’ll bring into it other things like if your family also loves it as you are doing, do they encourage you to pursue it more, or do they disapprove of it.


8. Tell about your pets.

Pets are the best friends of most people. Naturally, this subject becomes quite interesting Pecha Kucha’s topic example. People who are themselves pet-owners also are more inclined to listen to the stories of others who own pets. While speaking about it, you’ll share your pet experiences.

Although cats and dogs are common, don’t hesitate to talk about an uncommon pet that you simply may have. For example, if you’ve got a rabbit as a pet, people are going to be even more interested to listen to what you’ve got to mention about it.


Closing words

Pecha Kucha topics are one of the simplest ways to present ideas and thoughts in a simple impactful manner. All you get is 20 seconds for every slide and completion of six minutes and 40 seconds. This form of presentation ensures that the users or the purchasers don’t get bored by an enormous presentation. Importantly, the presentation is to the purpose and explains whatever is required. The most attractive aspect of it’s that it makes use of images tons over the text. This makes understanding the presentation easier.


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