What is spray seal and how it is beneficial for a building

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What is a spray seal?

 A sprayed seal is nothing but a layer of binder sprayed onto a pavement surface. This thin layer of binder is spread with a layer of aggregate incorporated, and this layer is also impervious to water. A sprayed seal is also known as chip seal, spray seal, and bitumen seal.

Benefits of spray seal

There are several types of insulation that may be used in your business or home. Spray seal assists you with many benefits over other insulation materials. Because of its ability to fill even the slightest of dots and cracks, it is the best insulation material. It provides a tight seal against any outside water or air penetrating the surface. Spray seals work as barriers and protect other things from entering the surface. It can easily be applied to existing structures and under-construction projects. These benefits have made Spray Seal in Melbourne a popular choice on any construction site.

Spray Seal in Melbourne

Advantages of using a spray seal in businesses and home

  • Airtight seal: This is one of the significant advantages that the outside heat or cold can not get inside your house. This is one of the essential advantages that the external heat or cold cannot get inside your home. Once applied, it expands quickly, filling all the cavities, dots, and cracks that enable penetration of other materials. It will keep your building sealed from the outside air.
  • Energy savings: You can save plenty of money on your cooling and heating bills. It offers better service than other insulation materials and gives you good cooling and heating system statements.
  • Lightweight: These spray foams weigh a lot less than other insulation materials, making them the first choice for any home or construction site. It is proven to be the best option for roofs and attics. Drainage Contractors in Melbourne use spray seals on many projects to seal the drains.
  • Moisture resistant: It keeps the outside moisture away by not penetrating through the surface. It does not absorb water and provides a tight seal, preventing damages and rotting the structure.
  • Mildew and resists mould: It prevents condensation, which leads to development growth. If the moisture content is unattended in a house, it can soon cause health issues. Even if the spray foam gets wet, it avoids the growth of bacteria.
  • There are two types of foam insulation. One can be open, and the other is closed. Open-cell foams don’t close completely, while the closed-cell is like a vapour barrier and denser air.
  • The super-tight seal prevents even the tiniest particle from getting through. This will prevent squirrels and mice from getting into your attic or the house.
  • Spray foam insulation is eco-friendly. They reduce the impact on the planet since very few materials are used to make the insulation. It prevents any damage from pests and reduces energy consumption. Agencies providing Spray seals in Melbourne use eco-friendly insulation methods to help secure their client’s buildings and houses.
  • It has a longer lifespan than the other insulation materials. If the spray seals are correctly installed, they can last for years to come. You don’t need to re-apply it again. You are giving your house a longer life span as well.
  • It will also act as a barrier and help keep the outside noise from entering your house. This happens because the closed-cell reduces noise pollution. No one wants to hear the outside noise, and hence it is one of the significant benefits of spray seal.
  • It provides strength to the structure by adding an extra layer of protection to your walls and roof. Its firm, non-sagging, and the dense barrier will make your house resistant to extreme weather conditions or storms. Drainage contractors in Melbourne use a spray to seal in various projects.
  • It also slows down the fire. In case of a fire emergency, it will act as a fire retardant. Thus keeping your home safe and comfortable.
  • No outside odours or chemicals can get in your house; this is possible because of its impenetrable features. Hence no foul smell can permeate inside your home.
  • It, in turn, increases your house’s value. If your house is built strong and has quality insulation material to make it suitable for years to come, the value of your home eventually exceeds.
  • Spray seal has a higher R-value; once applied to any building or structure, it will prove superior in competing with any insulation technologies.

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These are the qualities of a spray seal and the importance of applying it in your building or structure. It provides quality insulation and helps in keeping your house safe and secure. If you are looking for the best place to get spray seal services, make sure to book an appointment with an agency that provides the best Spray Seal in Melbourne.

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