What is airbrush tanning or DHA tanning?

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The airbrush tanning or tanning DHA is a technique that involves spraying onto the skin a product obtained from cane sugar rich DHA, an active ingredient 100% natural and harmless to the skin.

Why does the skin tan with this product?

The DHA or Di-hydroxy-acetone “is a large molecule so fails to be absorbed and reach the most deep skin layers deposited on the uppermost layer. When in contact with the free amino acids of skin proteins (keratin), DHA produces a natural reaction that tans the skin without the need for activating the normal tanning mechanism, that is, melanin. As the hours go by, the skin acquires a tanned tone without producing any internal reaction or effect ”.

Since airbrush tanning does not activate or alter melanin as UVA rays from the sun and tanning beds do, it has no side effects or contraindications.

How is airbrushed tanning done?

  1. Preparation : to get an airbrush tan you must go to a specialized center such as La Piel Spa, without applying body cream, deodorant, perfumes and makeup. It is also important to have exfoliated and depilated skin.
  2. Product application: In a booth prepared for tanning, an expert cosmetologist uses an airbrush to spread the tanning product evenly on the skin, while the client changes positions to obtain an even result.
  3. Drying: once the application is finished, the client stays in the cabin while the product dries, in this way a tan with a 100% natural cinnamon tone is achieved.

The skin remains tanned for approximately 10 days, this time can be extended depending on the care taken with the skin. The tan fades evenly over the days until it returns to normal skin tone.

Tips to make your tan last longer

  • One month before tanning, start consuming foods rich in beta-carotene such as: carrots, beets and papaya.
  • After airbrushing your tan, do not exfoliate your skin
  • If you go to the sea or the pool, use a broad spectrum sunscreen, let it dry for 10 minutes and then apply tanning oil on the skin, let it dry completely without exposing yourself directly to the sun before coming into contact with the water .

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