What is an argumentative text ?

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There are several types of text used depending on the context and the message or information you want to convey. One of the most used texts is the argumentative text, as its name suggests, the argumentative text offers arguments. It is for this reason that the argumentative text is the most used to defend ideas or opinions. How then to write an argumentative text and what are its characteristics ?

How to write an argumentative text ?

Since an argumentative text is a text that presents arguments in order to defend an opinion or an idea, to be able to write an argumentative text, you must first choose your point of view and identify the keywords related to the subject. Then, it is necessary to list the arguments in order to be able to develop the chosen thesis. Then, it is necessary to constitute a clear and logical plan after having established a detailed one on a draft. When writing the text, use logical connectors to better distinguish the essential points and to ensure transitions. Arguments should be illustrated in the most persuasive way. Always with the aim of convincing readers, you can quote authors and mention their words, always in relation to the subject. To keep messages clear and simple, use short sentences instead. The most important thing is not to use terms reflecting impersonal expressions, namely: it seems that or it is clear that. It should be noted that an argumentative text can only be convincing if a basic knowledge of its structure is acquired. After all, a cover letter offers only one opportunity, and it would be unpleasant to miss an interesting opportunity for lack of understanding of the argument. Repeating that you’re a one-time perfectionist won’t help you stand out. On the other hand, your chances will only increase if every argument you make is backed up by evidence or interesting life experiences related to the job. In the introduction, make sure to use the right hook and quote the definition of the term of the subject, as well as the plan. For the conclusion, it is necessary to summarize the text in general with the help of a synthesis of argumentation and it is also necessary to make an opening of the subject.

The characteristics of an argumentative text?

Basically, we have already talked a little about the characteristics of an argumentative text in the previous part, but in this part, we will go into more details. In general, five characteristics must be respected for writing an argumentative text. The first characteristic is to establish the structure. The initial title of the text presents what will be the main problem around which is articulated the argument of the writing which starts from this introduction and advances with a development and a conclusion. Development is the content of the text that deepens the main ideas. While the conclusion is the summary that closes the text with a main idea. Then there is the thesis. The scenario of the explanatory text revolves around the main premise that the author justifies it by providing data and arguments that support the validity of said information. An argumentative article begins with a clear objective : to defend the article or to express its disagreement with the method by providing this information to the reader. The author of the text proves his reasoning with data. Then there is the choice of resources used in the argument. Statements in reinforcement of argumentative essays may also refer to quotations from experts whose names are authoritative on the subject. This is a widely used resource in such arguments. This mention of authors and experts adds to the essence of the text presented in a formal tone.