What is the best way to prepare for Mains answer writing?

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There are no lanes for this. It takes some time, but if learned formerly, it becomes a Mains Answer Writing  ‘Brahmastra’for you throughout your life. It’s a 3-step process-

You learn the art of jotting.

Step 1 Indeed though this step is supposed to be done and dusted at academy position, maturity of UPSC CSE applicants struggle with this. Reason being the array of objective format examinations that have come up in recent times.

Indeed, before allowing of clearing CSE Mains, you first need to learn what jotting is each about. This seems stupid, but the significance of writing in coherent and correct language is no way really emphasized in Indian seminaries and sodalities. What we suppose, and what we convey via jotting are frequently different when there’s lack of writing practice.

To Do Launch jotting on diurnal base on motifs which you’re well clued in. It can be cinema, sports, cookery, anything. Just write 500 words on your chosen content every single day. Over a period of say-so 1 time, you’ll

how else and effectively you have started conveying your ideas.

Step 2 Then you’re writing not just for yourself, but also for someone differently who’ll be reading what you write. Hence, you need to be careful enough to write in a tone that makes sense and is easy to comprehend for the anthology.

To Do For this, I always suggest people to develop the habit of reading journals. The news particulars and studies that are published are solely for the purpose of reading by the common man. It’s easy to grasp their tone and inflow, and learn how the columnists and journalists frame their papers. When this is done seriously, and with fidelity, over a period of time, you shall automatically see the enhancement that comes in your own jotting style.

Step 3 Having completed the first 2 way, you now step into the arena of competition. Your jotting shouldn’t just make sense to the anthology, but must also be ‘better’ than 15000-odd challengers appearing for CSE Mains.

To Do After the first 2 way, you know-how’s write and ‘what’ to write. Then, you need to get into specialized practice for CSE Mains. This should rather be done 6 months before Mains. However, this practice must be begun after Prelims at all costs, If that important time isn’t available.

Deeply assay the nature of the questions that have been asked .

Check the command words precisely– Analyze, Critically assay, Comment, Describe-and frame your answer consequently. A detailed discussion on these command words is given then.

Enroll for a Test series, but do not go by name of the institute only. The essential thing is to get feedback for your answers from knowledgeable people. Take your pick consequently. Do not get too flustered by the marks you score in the tests. Learn gradationally.

As you cover your Mains syllabus, you’ll come across keywords which are used freeheartedly at several places. Get hold of those keywords and use them in your answers. Illustration-Sustainable development, energy-effective husbandry, etc.

Always substantiate your answers with commodity irrefragable. Government reports, World Bank reports, NSSO checks are some similar fact/ data banks that are to be used wherever doable.

Write answers point-wise as it gives you time to suppose about the coming point, while you’re writing the first one.

Scoring high marks in CSE Mains is a meticulous task. Your jotting capacities will be put to a stern test, and your success will depend on how well you have executed the forenamed three way.

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Define, Describe and Conclude (Conclude) — Follow this easy structure

Define the main point of the question first in 30 – 40 words.

Describe the main points of the question that are being asked. Be sure to address all the sub-questions.

Deduce or conclude — this can be of different types — but remember, not every question needs a conclusion! Occasionally, only recommendations etc. can form a conclusion and at other times you can give a proper conclusion grounded on the main points in describe part of the question.

Watch the answer writing videotape for further details.

You should be suitable to bandy the Applicable content and analysis asked for in that answer from an academic point of view. For illustration, if the question is on limitations of Citizen Charter, you should compactly define citizen duty and write its major limitations as handed by Bow.

Practice, practice, practice

This is what will end up making the most quantum of difference. You have to concentrate on many effects in answer writing practice

Speed of writing so that you can write 170 – 200 words for every 10 marker and 250 – 300 words for every 15marker.However, acclimate consequently, If 20 labels are there. Time for 10 markers should be up to 7 twinkles and time for 15 labels should be up to 11 twinkles. This has to be flexible on the base of which questions you know more than others. See further below.

Quality of Content (related to number of questions) I’m not a supporter of doing all the 20 questions indeed if you don’t know some! (but do a minimal 18 for sure) If you know all — do all, but spend some further time in those which you do know veritably veritably well.

For illustration, if you know a 15 marker really well, spend up to 14 twinkles on it and write up to 300 – 325 words, but you might have compensated for the 3 twinkles in a question you do n’t know that well and spend lower time there. But remember, don’t leave further than 2 questions! At least do 18 questions and only leave bones you have NO idea about and rather spend that time in other questions where you can truly shine.

Pellet points. paragraphs The answer is simple to this — whichever way you feel you can present your answer more. Still, remember that UPSC is looking for a broad view of utmost motifs, so remember to write in small stage-alone paragraphs.

Exemplifications Support your answer points with exemplifications, that’s what will really separate our answers! For illustration, give a government scheme, quotation from a world report on commodity.

Timing of questions Strictly time questions.  Use pencil for plates as far as possible, but if time limit is there stick to pen.

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Answer jotting practice This is more important that just studying a lot unlike pre. Do n’t stay till last one month to do answer writing. Immaculately, it’s a time long process, but if you haven’t done so, pick it up now! Use online sources like Perceptivity for practice!

Stylish of luck!

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