What is the role of education in development of our country?

Education is a fundamental right for every person. It is the most significant building block of life, and it lays the foundation of human development that paves the path of life for a person. Education can make and shatter a human as it is the brick of a person’s values, beliefs, ideologies, and skills.  

Education helps us acquire the capability to think with logic and reason, chase our dreams and aspirations, get respect and live a life with the head held high in society. Education offers the right path to follow, the principles we should abide by, and the freedom of expression. 

It helps reform our minds, remove all superstitions and prejudices and encourage us to think logically.   

It is necessary for the development of the human brain and mind. It is equally significant for a country’s development.  The literacy rate and the standard of education of a country determine its socioeconomic condition.

Benefits of education in development

There are several advantages of education. We have made a list of some of the benefits of education. They highlight how education has helped in human development from various spheres – social, personal, spiritual, professional, economic, etc.

1) Education helps overcome prejudices and superstitions resulting in a progressive country.

It is one of the best advantages of education. Prejudices and superstitions are social evils. They can hold back a country’s growth and development.  Education shows us a way to overcome them and elucidate all things logically. 

It creates a sense of understanding and reasoning, and logical minds. We can then use our thoughtful minds to teach others and enlighten the lives of others. Education can lead to a reduction in crimes and maintain law and order.

2) Education nurtures the wishes and skills of an individual and helps attain ambitions of life. He can then transform into a nation’s asset.

Every one of us has dreams.  Education acts as a medium to improve our skills and pursue our dreams. It lets a person gather knowledge in various spheres of academics.  Education gives you the chance to determine the path you want to follow in your life. It helps you to transform into a nation’s asset.

3) Education contributes to the great growth and development of humans and nations.

Education allows you to achieve academic excellence. Hence, it paves the way for the economic growth of a nation.

Proper education will lead to development in various fields like technology, medical science, art and culture, and many more. A progressive and logical mind helps the nation to move forward. Education contributes greatly to human development and a nation’s growth.

4) You can gain a lot of knowledge and wisdom with the help of education that can lead to the progress of a nation.

Education offers you several opportunities to gather knowledge and wisdom. It gives us exposure to a new world. We get to know unknown things, invent new objects, learn new skills, and know more about life and the environment. This knowledge will help the individual in the future and help the country to progress.

5) Education ensures the economic stability of an individual and the growth of a nation’s economy.

Proper education allows you to secure a good job with a decent salary. Education is one of the easiest ways to improve the financial condition of an individual. Once you get a well-paying job, you have to worry less about finances and concentrate on your individual growth and development. 

A well-educated person contributes greatly to a country. He may choose to invest in a firm or begin a start-up and employ several people. Hence, it leads to the overall economic growth of a nation.

6) Education has intellectual benefits.

 The goal of education is not getting certificates. Education is all about learning and the application of knowledge. 

It leads to human development. To progress in life, one needs a thorough understanding of the topic or field.

7) Education allows individuals to think critically, leading to the development of the nation.

Educated people can gather information and learn new skills from various sources more efficiently than uneducated ones.  Various skills taught in school help in understanding concepts without any difficulty.

Critical thinking plays a significant role in deciding how people react to different problems and solve them. It results in a nation’s development.

8) Education lets you discover your hidden talents and skills excel in it, which may later be portrayed on a national or international platform. 

Schools and educational institutions offer several opportunities to explore talents. They also provide a platform for the exposure of students. In school, you will get an opportunity to learn various subjects, skills, and sports. Over time, you will be able to identify in which field your interest lies. They can later showcase these talents and be a representative of their country. 

9) Education also helps recognize the areas where you have a weakness.

Education can highlight the weaknesses of a person. It helps identify the fields where a person has to pay more attention and work hard. Some may face problems in communication, while others may face an issue in solving problems. Education helps recognize all these issues and allows you to work on the disabilities, facilitating personal development.

A good school management system may also provide access to parents to let them know about their kids’ progress.

Online Education

With the outbreak of the covid19 virus, classes could not be held over physical mode. However, education should not come to a standstill. Hence, most schools took classes over various online platforms.

During the post-pandemic era, education has primarily shifted to online platforms. Not just school education, private tutors also took to online teaching.

There are several school ERP software available. Avail your kid of the best school ERP software for holistic development.  School management software provides all facilities to enhance the communication between the teachers and the students. 


Make sure that you get the best school software for your child. The best online school management software will facilitate better learning and development. The right to education has been denied to many children due to several reasons. Hence, they have lost opportunities to learn and grow. All children should be given the right to study and learn for a better future.

Education will determine the living standard of an individual and his skills. It will also help to get rid of unemployment and poverty. Therefore, proper education is of utmost necessity. This individual growth will lead to the development of the country.

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