What kind of scooter do I buy?

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The classification of electric scooters more or less follows some guidelines, although we are still waiting for the DGT to issue the regulations that unify the different proposals that are now in the hands of each city council. The General Directorate of Traffic only has instruction 16.V-124 that has served as the basis for the classifications made by the different municipalities that differentiate scooters into types A, B and C.

  • Type A. It would be the most basic scooter that does not reach 20 km/h. Here would be those classified as toys, which cannot exceed 6 km/h. The main limitation they now have is that they cannot circulate on the road in most municipalities and are only limited to bike lanes.
  • Type B. It is the most common scooter with a speed that does not exceed 30 km/h, is normally limited to 25 and weighs less than 50 kilos. This category includes everything from Segways to kick scooters or the Xiaomi Mi M365 , the best-selling model and which has become the industry standard. No insurance is needed and no enrollment is required at this time.
  • Type C. In their different categories they would be assimilable to L1e vehicles according to the DGT and in the future they could be required to have insurance and registration, in addition to having to pass ITV and the corresponding homologation, which is not required now. They are designed for longer distances, so both their speed and their autonomy are superior to those of other models. In this case, it is difficult to upload them to the house because we have to have a garage where we can charge them while they are not in use.

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