What to Put on the Tree After Cutting a Branch

Putting a wound sealant and paint was a common practice after cutting off a tree branch  post. Arborists and horticulture specialists recommend using tree wonder sealer after chopping off limbs. However, it is no longer continued because now, natural healing is given more importance Tree After Cutting a Branch.

This blog post will look at how a tree is dealt with once you cut a branch. What to put onto it after pruning and tree trimming in Sacramento? There are a few exceptions where putting a pruning sealer is recommended to heal it. We will cover this too in this blog.

The difference in beliefs between tree specialists:


Some specialists believe that trees should be left to heal naturally after trimming and pruning. This is because all trees have healing abilities to recover from wounds, and they are best if left to undergo natural healing as defense mechanisms. Trees can protect themselves from disease and other damage by kicking off their natural abilities. Therefore, they hold the belief that it is not required.


According to scientific research, applying a pruning sealer after cutting off tree branches is not critical. Because it has been proven that the tree uses protective mechanisms to protect itself against decay and disease, it hinders the natural healing process of a tree. Instead, greater importance is given to proper pruning.


Improper pruning will harm your trees and can result in serious tree harm. Please hire a tree service and tree removal Sacramento professional when you need to prune or trim your tree.

What other section of tree specialists believe


Whereas some three specialists consider that the practice of applying a wound sealant on a tree wound is essential for a tree. They believe that this practice will protect a tree from decay, diseases, and invasion by pests and insects into an open wound.


We understand that this difference between the tree specialists regarding how to deal with a tree after trimming can make it difficult for a person to decide what to do with an open wound. This is why we have come up with the information on what to put on a tree wound.

What is a pruning wound sealer?


Pruning sealers are products that proclaim that they help heal the wounds of a tree. These products may contain asphalt or petroleum ingredients, and you can also find natural wound sealers made of components such as aloe gel and collagen.

When to use a pruning sealer on a wound?


Trees such as oaks and elms need to be pruned for safety in the growing season. Oaks and elms are prone to vascular wilts. Oak wilt is a fungal disease that can be fatal for an oak tree. Dutch elm disease is also deadly for elm trees. So, this is the exception when wounds are painted with latex paints to protect these trees against vascular wilts and seal the damages properly.


If you are looking for natural sealant for applying to an oak tree growing in your landscape design in Sacramento, contact a professional arborist as an excellent option Read more 


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