What you need to consider while looking for Abu Dhabi Indian School

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When it comes to finalizing an Abu Dhabi Indian School, students and parents often get confused easily. But, it takes plenty of considerations of different factors to reach the ideal school. While for some, deciding factors could be location, fees, and faculty, and for some, considering amenities, alumni, and schools reputation are major factors. But, as all these factors can sound equally important, one can follow a stabilized approach to find an ideal school with balanced amenities, merits, and benefits. Jot down the factors, check the essentialities, and make a final decision. 

If you also want to find an ideal Abu Dhabi Indian School, We are here with helpful resources.

Here is a list of important factors you need to check on for finalizing Indian school for your child needs- 


Believe it or not, the ecosystem school offers students exerts a great impact on students’ character, personality, and even knowledge development. And, so because you are finding an “Indian” school in a foreign country, i.e. Abu Dhabi, you need to strictly consider the environment of the school. 

Some of these could be, Does the school follow a steady approach to education? Is there a muster of diverse cultures in a balanced way? Do all types of races, and religions of students study together in school? Considering all these factors can help you find a school that fills your child with the right moral values and personality traits. 

Level of education and school

Whether your child is pursuing a secondary, primary, or senior-secondary level of education, this plays a major role in selecting a school. In addition, the level of the school, i.e. If it is the national or international level of Abu Dhabi, Indian schools also reflect a lot on education quality, amenities, and approach to education. 

Therefore, before starting to make progress on a school selection process, gather proper facts on the level of school and education your child would proceed. Generally, an international level school like GIIS or Global India International School is suggested. 

Amenities and facilities for students

In the end, students will be studying, and therefore, the availability of the right amenities for them should be the real concern. For instance, advanced science, and practical labs, top-notch sports gear to provide sports training, musical instruments to fuel music enthusiasts’ interest, etc. should be there. 

In addition, to ensure these facilities and amenities, one can take a tour of the school or can visit Abu Dhabi Indian school digital campus to reach a firm decision. 


The guidance students get in schooling time stays with them for a lifetime. Therefore, it becomes critical to gather important information about faculties’ experience, specialized subject areas, educational background, and whatnot! As faculty, teachers would be interacting with students on the front ground, having a dedicated, intelligent, and experienced faculty saves students a lot of headaches during schooling. 

Furthermore, the right faculty also stabilizes students’ interest, and comfort level with subjects that help them advance their career, and professional interests. 

Support and guidance

Except for the lessons of the classroom, students also need expert assistance, support, and guidance to dodge academic as well as life challenges. Finding an Abu Dhabi Indian School that provides the right academic as well as extra-curricular support and guidance can open a plethora of doors for students. 

Be it for tomorrow’s dynamic world, Robust skill set or readiness for challenges of everything, the right guidance, support, and assistance can do wonders.  

Where to find the right school? 

If knowing the right type of factors pushed you to perplexion limits as to where can you find the right type of school, we have got it all sorted for you! 

One can find the schools on the web, word-of-mouth feedback, or even through referrals, etc. If you’d ask the experts, the most recommended school is GIIS or global Indian International school. It is one of the best Abu Dhabi Indian International schools having campuses in India, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. 

It has several awards on its name for delivering quality education with a pragmatic approach. The school also provides students with sufficient, and necessary exposure in the schooling year that helps them flourish, and develop all the needed skills. Also, being one of the best Abu Dhabi Indian schools, GIIS displays a holistic approach to education that is suited best to Indian students studying abroad. Be it CBSE, IDP, or any other curriculum, the school offers a range of curricula to serve education to students of all kinds. 

In addition, the campus tour facility of the school helps you get a clear picture of its education styles, methods, amenities, culture for students. So. don’t make any change to your child’s education and give him the best Learn More

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