What You Need to Know About Heating and Cooling Systems

Who doesn’t want to live in a pleasant atmosphere all day? The ambience is one of the most important things about any place. Especially when it comes to your home, you will always want it to be perfect for relaxing. However, nature has its own rule. Sometimes it’s too hot to non-stop sweating, and sometimes it’s cold. In such situations, the best one can do, is to bring a heating and cooling system.

Atleast six out of 10 people have a heating and cooling system air conditioner installation melbourne in their home, and why wouldn’t they? The scorching heat in summer is enough to make anyone fall sick. So, having a cooling system in your room is like having water in the middle of the desert. On the other hand, only a heating system can save you from freezing in winters. However, before you buy such appliances, it’s essential to learn few facts about them.

Maintenance Of Heating and Cooling System

Heating and Cooling
Heating and Cooling

Buying a heating and cooling system is not the last thing you should do for your comfort. Such systems work perfectly in the initial years but start malfunctioning after some time due to poor maintenance. Maintenance plays a vital role in keeping the heating and cooling system working for a long. One more problem with such systems is that they can be heavy on the electricity bill. However, you can still manage to cut some of the costs with proper maintenance.

Even though it might seem hard work, you can do it comfortably if you follow simple steps. Moreover, the maintenance might be a little different based on the seasons. Especially if you own a single unit that does both heating and cooling, it’s necessary to take two maintenance checks a year.

During summer, your maintenance should be a little different than your maintenance during the winter season. Here is how you can maintain the system during hot days.

The first and the most important thing is to change all the filters. Replace existing filters with new ones.

Check if there’s any clogging in the drains and clear if any. Clogged gutters can resist the flow of the system. Ensure clean condenser and evaporator coil. Also, check if there’s any standing water coming from drain pans and remove if found. Otherwise, it can lead to water overflow.

Ensure there’s no dust, debris, or moulding on the ducts.

Change belts and pulleys; moreover, check if there’s any need for changing the battery or not.

It will help if you ensure there’s no leak in the refrigerant charge.

Check the electricity connections, fan motor, blades, blowers, thermostats, and controls to ensure proper airflow.

Do not forget to lubricate the moving parts to help it work smoothly.

Maintaining the heating and cooling system unit in winters is a bit tricky and different from the summertime. Here is a breakdown of steps for comfortable maintenance:

Heating and Cooling
Heating and Cooling

It is best to replace the filters once a month or once in three months based on the usage.

Make sure there’s no damage to the heat elements or exchanger. Otherwise, there may be some issues with carbon monoxide. Also, check the ignition burner.

Clear clogged drains and remove standing water from drain pans for proper flow.

Ensure there’s no gas leakage and check whether the flue system is attached to the furnace or not.

Check the pump, thermostat, and its controls. Also, check electrical connections, gas pressure and replace pulleys.

Lubricate moving parts in the system.


Maintaining the heating and cooling system will help you save some of your electric bills also keep the unit working for years.

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