What You Need To Know About NLP Therapy

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Many people argue that the past is nothing more than an illusion. However, emotions don’t just disappear because time has passed. We all hold onto old emotions that can prevent us from reaching our full potential. 

The power of the unconscious mind is an incredible tool that we can use to our advantage. The way you think about your past shapes who YOU become today, whether this was intentional or not.

NLP Time Line Therapy is a powerful technique that can help you eliminate old, negative thoughts and feelings. This form of treatment replaces these obstacles with new empowering ones to achieve what we desire most in life. In this post, we will discuss all you need to know about NLP therapy, including its benefits, how it works and more.

What Is NLP Therapy?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a form of therapy used to help client understand their own mind and change the negative thoughts, feelings and actions of an individual. It does this by examining the relationship between our conscious experience of the world around us and our unconscious processes that are attached to past, traumatic events. 

In other words, NLP works by focusing on the connections between our past, what we think and how we behave to help us understand our emotions and motivations, ultimately shaping who we are as a person.

NLP practitioners believe in the natural hierarchies of learning as it helps better organise and understand what we think and how we behave. These Hierarchies include:

  • Purpose and spirituality
  • Identity
  • Beliefs and values
  • Capabilities and skills
  • Behaviours
  • Environemnt

What Is It Used For?

We are all a product of the past. We learn from the people and environment around us. It is often used in combination with Hypnotherapy to treat fears and phobias, anxiety, poor self-esteem, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and overall reduced quality of life due to various issues and situations.

Similarly, NLP therapy is a treatment that can benefit individuals looking for motivation and personal growth. NLP treatments work to reveal the unproductive patterns in the subconscious that make us feel stuck and then replaces these behaviours with empowering thoughts, good habits and effective strategies.

Benefits of NLP therapy

NLP therapy is a safe and effective tool that can help individuals reach their goals and overcome obstacles. Some benefits of NLP therapy include:

  • Clarity on your vision, purpose and values
  • Understanding of what is holding you back
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Ability to learn new skills 
  • Develop new strategies for problem-solving
  • Breaking unhealthy habits and behavioural patterns
  • Develop stronger & healthier relationships
  • Improved ability to deal with unexpected situations
  • Creating positive energy and relaxation

Are You Ready For Change?

NLP is not just a set of techniques, it is an attitude and methodology to help you fully achieve the goals you desire. It’s never too late to make a difference in your life.  If you want to change your life, it all starts with a decision. With NLP therapy at your side, anything is possible!

As a master Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, Lai Tattis is ready to help and empower you.  Let Lai Tattis guide you through the power of Hypnotherapy and NLP to help you obtain all your life goals.

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