Which Platform is getting the Market Repute for Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2022?

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With Bitcoin, Ethereum, and almost all Cryptocurrencies popping up every day in the headlines and all over social media, more and more people are jumping into the Cryptocurrency market. Does everybody want to know how to get Bitcoin? How do we buy Ethereum? All of this is done through a Cryptocurrency exchange.

What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A Cryptocurrency Exchange is a platform where you can buy or sell Cryptocurrencies for other digital currency or traditional currency like USD or Euro.

Exchanges are a medium between buyers and sellers. The only place where you can exchange fiat currency using credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers, to convert it into Cryptocurrency.

People can set limit orders to buy/sell Cryptocurrencies for a certain price. The exchange will notify both end traders when their conditions are met.

Choosing an exchange is not an easy task. With over 1000 Crypto exchanges operating worldwide, there are a few key considerations to make.

  • Whether the exchange can operate in your country?
  • Payment methods
  • Fees
  • Verification process
  • Reputation
  • Selection of coins available

We have some very good exchanges working all over the world like Binance.com, CoinBase.com, XchangeOn.io, CoinMama.com. Even the best exchanges have few lacks but XchangeOn is working unceasingly to make its platform one step ahead of all.


It is a dynamic Crypto exchange platform introduced by Innovation Factory. It has been designed to upscale the Crypto trading experience and facilitates Crypto traders with revolutionary features and incentives. This platform is a centralized Crypto exchange platform for robust and secure Crypto trading.

XchangeOn is a reputable exchange platform that provides its user prime services with the best security, simple and fast transactions with a minimum fee.

Key features which make XchangeOn better than other exchange platforms are:


XchangeOn utilizes an advanced encryption model that safeguards your funds and allows you to enjoy Crypto trading with your mind at peace. XchangeOn is equipped with state of the art Crypto wallet, which includes:

  • Biometric authentication
  • Proof of stake support
  • Multi-currency support

Fear & Greed Index

XchangeOn brings the Fear & Greed index, one of the most updated features in the Crypto exchange market. It is a tool to judge when it’s a good time to buy a Cryptocurrency and when it’s a good time to sell it. The judgment of this tool is based on the combination of different data sources:

  • Volatility 25%
  • Market volume 25%
  • Social media 15%
  • Survey 15%
  • Dominance 10%
  • Trends 10%

XchangeOn presents this quick and easy tool that helps you to trade more efficiently.

One of those who throw their money into game and rely on luck? Or will you be the smart ones, like professional traders who know the ins and outs of the market?

If you want to be one of the smart ones then, Xchnageon has just the perfect feature for you. The top market trends feature will give you all the information needed about the ups and downs of the market

  • What’s trending
  • Biggest gainers
  • Biggest losers
  • Recently added

Top-performing currencies

To find a relatively safe investigating strategy for generating the highest returns, besides throwing money into random coins. It’s all taken care of by XchangeOn. You can also Buy Bfic, from this platform, as it recently launched a new feature that will have the full analysis. Identifying the best-performing coins from a pool of 2000 Learn More

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