Why are radio controlled crawlers so popular?

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You have probably noticed models in radio-controlled car shops and departments that are equipped with suspension with a long travel and high ground clearance. They are called crawlers (from the English “Rock crawlers so popular” – “crawling over the rocks”) Outwardly, they look like “monster trucks”, but have an important difference – a fully independent suspension with a large stroke. It is in it that the main interest in crawlers lies, since they easily overcome difficult obstacles.

Features of crawlers

The crawler is not suitable for those who want to steer a fast radio-controlled car. These toys are leisurely, with powerful engines and reduction gears. This is necessary in order to wade where the usual radio-controlled model, which can quickly accelerate on a flat road, cannot go at all.

The crawler is not suitable for those who like copies of some well-known and popular cars. Manufacturers and fans of such toys are little interested in accurately reproducing the appearance of real vehicles. They are more interested in quality suspension. And that’s why.

The fact is that the crawler is a radio-controlled off-road vehicle. Of course, not the same as in real jeeps. You won’t go to the swamp on it, although with moisture protection it’s quite possible to use the crawler in rainy weather or force a decent-sized puddle if you want especially extreme impressions.

RC crawler WLToys 18428-BGR 1 999 *

On a crawler, you can drive not only on asphalt, it’s just not interesting. He will make his way through a pile of stones or sand, grass or large gravel will not interfere with him. Such a machine will climb onto the curb and even stand upright if you try to drive onto the wall for the sake of interest. She does all this slowly – the speed of the crawlers is low – but confidently. It is for this opportunity to direct the car anywhere that crawlers love.

This is achieved by an unusual chassis design. One gets the feeling that the cars literally cling to the ground with their wheels. How does it work? The fact is that the crawler:

The wheels are widely spaced for maximum stability.

The tires are softer than other RC cars, which improves traction on all surfaces.
The suspension of the crawlers is independent, equipped with spring shock absorbers and dampers and has a large stroke.
Great ground clearance.
As a result, the crawler remains stable without any problems even if one of the wheels hits a hill (for example, it hits a stone), and the second one at that time fell into a hole. The toy will easily cope with such an obstacle and slowly but surely roll on.

The crawler must be equipped with all-wheel drive, otherwise it will not be able to perform its acrobatic feats. Usually, electric motors are installed on crawlers, respectively, the use time is limited by the battery capacity. But on the other hand, the machine can be controlled very accurately and its responsiveness to commands is very good.

Varieties of crawlers

All radio-controlled cars of this class can be conditionally divided into two types – small and large. The first includes compact cars on a scale of 1:18 or 1:19, and even very small ones – 1:24. To the second – cars on a scale of 1:10, as well as 1:12 and 1:14. It must be understood that for crawlers there is no question of exact observance of dimensions to match some original. The main thing here is that the owner can have fun from the heart.

It is clear that the larger the machine, the more powerful its suspension and the more difficult it will be able to overcome obstacles. It would seem that in this case we can talk about an increase in battery life. But the larger the car, the more powerful the engine is needed, and it will use the battery charge faster. Therefore, there is no direct dependence here, it all depends on the specific model, or rather the engine and battery capacity. On average, cars operate on a single charge from 10 to 30 minutes, after which the battery must be charged for 3-4 hours.

RC crawler DEXP Champion

A number of crawlers are equipped with LED headlights. If available, you can drive at dusk, they are quite capable of illuminating the road. Or just use them for additional lighting effects. Of course, at the same time, the time that your crawler can travel on a single battery charge will decrease. The operating time of such machines from one charge with the headlights on is 10-15 minutes.

An interesting point: some crawler models imitate trucks. You can transport small loads and, for example, arrange races to see who will deliver the goods safe and sound.

What are crawlers used for?

What can a radio controlled crawler be used for? Of course, for entertainment. To begin with, such a machine can be run on the ground, sand and gravel, try to climb a large stone, get through the sandbox, drive along the paths in the park or in the country and drive onto the curb next to the sidewalk. At home, you can arrange an obstacle course from improvised means, for example, from toys, and arrange “rides”, practicing passing at speed.

The next, more serious step is to take part in RC car competitions, or simply to pass complex tracks specially created or selected on suitable terrain in order to test the capabilities of crawlers in the most extreme conditions for them.

Creating or searching for an obstacle course for such machines crawlers so popular only on your imagination. Since the crawler suspension allows you to pass difficult obstacles, and the car itself does not drive very fast, it has a small turning radius and you can come up with the most difficult tasks for it and yourself, and then get out of them beautifully.

Accordingly, a crawler is a machine that just asks to be photographed or crawlers so popular from a particularly interesting angle. For example, how she storms some slope with difficult soil. If we are talking about cars on a scale of 1:10, you can take very interesting pictures and videos in which such a car will look “like an adult”.

Crawlers with Wi-Fi and built-in video cameras

An interesting opportunity for spectacular races is provided by crawlers equipped with a video camera and a Wi-Fi module. Firstly, on such a machine you can not only drive on sand crawlers so popular rough roads, but also shoot your races by taking photos or recording videos using a mobile application.

To download the application, the manufacturer usually indicates a QR code with a link on the package. As a rule, versions for iOS and Android are available.

Usually, a mobile application allows you not only to take photos and videos, but also control the crawler from your smartphone. When using this control method, the remote control automatically turns off.

Modernization and tuning of crawlers

Another important and interesting crawlers so popular that the owners of crawlers are fond of is their tuning. The simplest thing is to replace the battery with a larger battery and improve moisture protection Read More

Enthusiastic users do not stop there and sort out the chassis, change the gears in the gearbox to more durable ones, or even completely change the suspension and radio control to a more advanced one. The result is a model in which the appearance remains at best from the original. But the possibilities, patency and reliability are significantly improved Learn More

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