Why are Top CBSE Schools Considered as the Best Schools in Pune?

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March 2020, when the country witnessed the biggest lockdown in the world and when the nation was at a standstill there came to a sudden shift in the paradigm, Online Learning was the only medium where children could continue their learning. The physical classroom was transformed into an online platform.

The academic year 2019-20 exams were cancelled. The situation was dubious and the lockdown didn’t seem to end any time soon but the worrisome part was the next academic year which was getting postponed; children learning and their education could not be compromised for long. Thus the major shift was much needed for the children’s future.

It was challenging but Top CBSE Schools in Pune proved themselves and have taken online education to a whole new level. No doubt there were many struggles faced by faculties and students but the learning went on even in the tough times. 

Every effort made was fruitful. Now that things are back to Normal; schools are reopening again and admission has begun, you should definitely not waste time and book your child’s seat at the best Schools in Pune.

Top CBSE Schools in Pune provide some of the best facilities needed to make a strong education system:-

Campus Life

The campuses of Schools in Pune are spread over acres of greenery and there are many facilities that cater to the extracurricular and co-curricular activities of the students.

Integrated latest technology

With the latest advancements like  Smart gadgets and high-speed internet, students are able to connect with peers from around the globe during school hours which facilitates long-distance project collaboration and exchange of information and ideas.

The classrooms and labs are powered with the latest technology and innovation. The best infrastructure and facilities along with holistic education is needed for the all-round development of the children.

Assessment Pattern

In Top CBSE Schools in Pune there are continuous forms of assessment called Formative Assessments (FA) along with one examination which is known as Summative Assessment (SA) at the end of the year to sum up the student’s understanding of the course or each subject.


Many renowned Schools in Pune offer scholarships to students from grade 1 to 12 based on their academic and co-curricular achievements along with students who belong to weaker economic backgrounds which is another reason to choose CBSE School for its affordability.

Student-Teacher Ratio

CBSE Schools have adopted the method of smaller classrooms( few students) which leads to more personalised attention to each student.

Apart from these they also

  1. Promote an educational culture that ensures holistic development of the children. They are known for unique  pedagogy which helps students to secure the highest scores. They focus on the expansion of children’s knowledge  through skill-based education. 
  2. Teachers prepare children for the competitive world and encourage them to be out-of-the-box thinkers.
  3. CBSE curriculum helps students to learn other skills such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation. 
  4. These CBSE schools have a student-friendly curriculum where students enjoy engaged learning and do not face exam pressure. 
  5. Conventional learning along with new modern progreseive online learning have given the education a new meaning. The CBSE curriculum allows students the flexibility to pursue their passion and develop a love for learning.

CBSE Can Be the Best Choice for Your Child

  • It is recognised by Indian government
  • Easy approach towards learning
  • Holistic Development of children
  • You can find CBSE School all over India and Abroad so no problem in relocation
  • Your child can also attend private exams
  • Equal importance to English and Hindi languages
  • International approach to examination pattern and evaluation system


You can ensure a bright future for your child by giving them access to the Top CBSE Schools in Pune where they inculcate the love of learning in children which continues to stay with them lifelong and it will be the right investment in your child’s education.

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