Why Buying House in Istanbul

Buying House in Istanbul real estate does more than that. They invest in major Turkish real estate markets. Here’s home shopping center and constantly earning money is changing. The real estate market was not disappointed. Whether you are the first foreign buyer looking for a villa. A smart investor or anyone who wants to live and work here all year round.

There are very affordable luxury apartments and villas. Whether you want to build a new house, plan a country house or build a house for sale. Buying House in Istanbul offers many opportunities to find what you want at the price you want to pay. Skyscrapers and waterfront mansions are attractive to foreign investors in Turkey. So it’s the most popular place to sell a house in Turkey. But what makes this real estate market unique? And what other benefits can buyers expect?

Why do you need to invest in real estate in Istanbul?

1: Affordable real estate prices

Did you know that foreign buyers traded 40,000 Turkish homes in 2018? Favorable exchange rate that allows foreigners to earn more than ever. This was the main reason for choosing Turkey. Combine with markets where the price per square meter is already cheaper than in countries like Spain and France. Affordability is the biggest factor in selling a home abroad.

2: Low cost and easy purchase process

Buying House in Istanbul is cheaper than in other countries. The certificate of ownership tax is only 3% of the value of the asset. In addition, the cost of services such as translators, lawyers and agents is reasonable. Combine this with a simple buying process. If the whole budget is set, it can be done in just one week. And it is clear why Turkey has a thriving real estate market.

3: Capital growth

Istanbul is transforming the housing market with a new project. As a result, adequate supply keeps prices low. However, investors looking for long-term capital growth potential, especially in Europe, are coming. Istanbul is also a popular destination for Turkish and foreign buyers. Thus, strong liquidity and audiences around the world assure them that if they want to sell, they will welcome visitors from all over the world.

4: Citizenship by investing in real estate

In 2018, Turkey reduced its minimum citizen investment program from $ 1 million to $ 200,000. This will attract a lot of investors. Many people in Buying House in Istanbul. And provided they keep their property for three years. They have the right to life and work.

Where can Buying House in Istanbul?

Some areas such as Tarabya, Taksim, Nisantasi, Çihangir and Beşiktaş are world famous for their luxurious houses that highlight the best life in Turkey. The Bosphorus Villa, also known as Yali House, is the most expensive market in Turkey. And if you look at the nostalgic architecture and magnificent design, you can see why.

But you can find luxury homes in Istanbul. Buying House in Istanbul with large penthouses and beautiful 6-bedroom villas, it attracts visitors from all over the world. These villas are located near the beautiful Bosphorus Strait with stunning views. Not only the fact that you buy bricks and mortar, but also the new way of life among the elite communities of the most famous metropolis of Turkey. This is one of the reasons why buyers of Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul homes choose.

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