Why Choose a 3D Event Platform for Your Next Conference?

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While you can host an event with the help of a 2D platform, it will lack a key element i.e. engagement. A 3D event platform helps you create immersive and realistic experiences for your attendees. This article talks about the reasons why you should choose a 3D virtual event platform for your upcoming events. 


Autonomy of Choosing User Journey

Just like a physical experience, the attendees of a 3D virtual event can also choose the journey they want to follow within the event. They can switch between multiple activities and sessions while attending the virtual event. It provides a physical like event experience to the attendees. For instance, the attendees can access the entire event venue and choose the areas they want to visit. Moreover, the event can be recorded and be attended and explored later by the attendees. 


Provides Memorable Experience

A 3D virtual conference platform helps the organizer host a virtual event that consists of 3D visual designs. A 3D virtual event hosting platform helps provide an immersive experience to the attendees as they can explore the event venue and interactive sessions similar to a physical event. A creative team can help you create amazing 3D environments that could make your attendees go awestruck. Moreover, keeping the interests and preferences of your attendees in mind will further help improve the attendee’s experiences.


Make a Lasting Impression

A 3D virtual event platform adds to the online event experience of your attendees. The virtual event venue provides a realistic feel to the attendees thus creating a long-lasting impression in the minds of the people. It creates a lasting and memorable event experience by bridging the gap between physical and virtual events. Features like chat rooms, networking lounges, and gamification further helps make a good impression in the minds of people. Creating a good impression among the attendees and the sponsors help increase the customer base and thereby boost the ROI of the event. Furthermore, the success of today’s event has a significant and positive impact on the events of tomorrow. 


Enhance Networking

A 3D event platform provides the organizers with an opportunity to play around with the design and layout of the event venue. They can add networking lounges, live chat features, and business card exchange to their virtual event. This helps enhance networking opportunities at the virtual event which in turn helps increase interaction and networking among the attendees. It helps open up multiple channels of communication for the attendees and help boost networking and communication among them. It helps the attendees build valuable connections with the hosts, speakers and other attendees.


Boost Engagement

A virtual 3D event platform creates room for the inclusion of multiple engagement boosting activities and sessions. The organizers can include various activities to increase attendee engagement. The activities could include gamification, live polls, question and answer sessions, trivia, quizzes, virtual photo booths and live chat. These activities help keep the online attendees glued to their laptop screens and stay attentive throughout the event. Therefore, you must choose a virtual 3D event platform to make your event more engaging and interesting. This will help in increasing engagement in the event. 


Attract More Sponosors

Having a 3D event platform helps increase engagement and networking at your virtual event. This in turn helps attract more sponsors to the event. A wider audience reach promises better brand visibility to the sponsors, a better ROI and increased sales for the event. This increases the interest of the sponsors in the event thereby, attracting more sponsors.


Increase Event Attendance

Using a virtual 3D event platform enhances the overall attendee experience. This helps increase the excitement levels of the attendees and induce them to attend the event. This further boosts the attendance level of your online event and attract more sponsors. Moreover, virtual events let the organizers reach out to a wider set of audiences and increase their sales. Virtual events let you target even the remotest customers and promote your products among them. 


Help Boost ROI

A greater event attendance, enhanced engagement and networking and better sponsorship help boost the ROI of the event. Moreover, the advanced data analytics features provided by the event platform helps the organizer get detailed insights into the event metrics and take corrective measures for the future. Therefore, you must choose a virtual event platform that provides 3D animated designs as it helps increase the ROI of the online event. 


Opportunity for Branding and Dynamic Banners

Moreover, virtual 3D platforms allow the event organizers to include multiple options for branding. A 3D virtual event can include features like dynamic banners that allow the organizers to display multiple brands simultaneously. These banners are also a great way for the sponsors to increase impressions on their website. The dynamic banners are clickable and redirect the attendees to the sponsor’s website. 


Final Words

3D virtual events are undoubtedly here to stay for a long time. This article must have helped you understand the reasons to choose a 3D enabled virtual event platform

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