Why choose Advertising Packaging for products?

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The packaging sector continues to be a powerful market in which every company can benefit. Advertising packaging is always an important economic issue from the small family business to the vast multinational.

Choose it carefully to help radiate your structure. Create it in a way that is consistent with the image of your brand you’ve created. We take stock of its shapes and interest in the bag, pouch, or cardboard box!

Seduce and stand out

Considered at the time of its design for a protective purpose, packaging has dramatically expanded its vocation over the centuries. Intended each time for a specific product, chosen according to its shapes or materials, it alone crystallizes the first impression that the consumer will have of a product or brand.

The product that you have created on which your customers are likely to be able to rest, there’s more to the story. A carefully considered visual approach will have made it possible to align each element with your brand image.

For example, a final point that is particularly effective in the context of food advertising wholesale cake boxes packaging. Personalized sugar pods and individually wrapped chocolates will sometimes be collected by their recipients or even offered to other guests during a meal. Essential since your new prospects can find all the information they need on your packaging!

A variety of advertising packaging 

If there is a diversity of advertising packaging, it is not always easy to choose the one you need! 

The idea to follow? A packaging that will have an impact on the short term (which the consumer will notice at first glance), on the medium term (that he will remember later) and on the long term (that he will remember). Make the brand a benchmark for future purchases).

In your perilous quest for the perfect advertising packaging, you will come across:

  • Cardboard envelopes.
  • Boxes.
  • Tube or original boxes.
  • Pockets.
  • Tote bags. 
  • Kraft bags. You will also have the choice here between twisted handles, which are particularly recommended in the fashion sector, and cord or ribbon handles, which are much more luxurious.

Then consider the colors, designs and closures for which you will opt. Enough to make your advertising packaging a simple guide for your consumers who will confidently turn to your product afterwards, remembering this first discovery.

You will not hesitate to let yourself be carried away by the environmental constraints of the moment and the latest technical innovations, which will not fail to add that little essential extra to your custom rigid boxes with logo packaging. 

The key is to create a real sense of belonging to your brand. And a whole new relationship to build!

Choose advertising packaging

The choice of your advertising packaging will depend on several factors. 

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself a simple question. What are you selling, and what will your packaging contain?

A few bulk tasting samples will easily find their place in a pretty personalized pouch, while a USB key or a small electronic device will be safer in a very compact box.

What size?

To organize professional events as well as seduction, we rely on packaging for advertising that has been carefully adjusted to the size of the item being sold!

Always plan them slightly larger to slip in padding for the safe side or an extra gift for the surprise. And to prevent your potential customers from leaving with your product under their arm, always plan a lovely bag in which you won’t forget to slip brochures and small items alongside. All personalized, of course!

What form?

From the weight to the shape of the fold and the originality of the handles, it’s up to you! The shape of your advertising packaging will blend with the colors chosen, the patterns and the message to speak on your behalf in the best possible way.

Why favor paper-cardboard packaging for my products?

Not entirely convinced by the advantages of cardboard or paper? Impossible!

Adapted to all sectors of activity, the cardboard packaging opens and modulates with ease. Take the opportunity to dare the most original shapes and innovative designs. 

We also like it for its very affordable cost, perfect for you who may have a tight budget but can’t resign yourself to restraining your ideas.

And then, at the time of eco-design and the rise of ecological alternatives, cardboard & Custom Cereal Boxes advertising packaging has more than ever its place among the options to be preferred. Make it the unique medium for your events. And be assure of the cleanest possible end of life for your packaging.

Curved box or heart closure, Wibropack delivers them to you flat, without glue, to be assembled in a few seconds. 

Under these conditions, there is no longer any question of hesitating!

The final touch: personalize advertising packaging!

And if you go a little further than the only advertising packaging?

Even the tightest budgets will be able to accommodate a little tissue paper, a decorated ribbon or pretty personalized labels! Repeat your logo over and over and use them to close a pouch or gift bag.

Wibropack remains, in all cases, the privileged interlocutor for all your projects. Big brands or small producers, discover without delay the wide range of our ranges available for printing even in limited quantities.

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