Why Should Hire a Web Design Agency Melbourne

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Every business needs a website design partner, who can help develop a well-established online presence. Often, this question comes in picture as to if a company should hire a web design agency Melbourne ? To answer this question right, let’s throw some light on the quote we have been coming across since years.

Nothing is perfect, everything has its pros and cons.

Let us take both scenarios in consideration, and evaluate if you as a company. Why should be choosing a web design agency or a freelance web designer. When you embark on a journey of going online and take your first step towards the same, you need to jot down your requirements and objectives that would help you in making a wise decision.

It depends on whether you are after a website just for the sake of it, or you actually would utilise the online space to grow your business. Getting a website designed, and availing this service is an investment not an expense, however, we still cannot go too overboard with the budget. Even though the first step towards decision making should be based on the creativity and effort your agency or freelancer would put in, it is seen that cost becomes the driving factor behind the decisions. Hence, the reason why we laid emphasis on that as a fundamental.

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The next requirement would be the level of work, and the skillset you would need to do that work efficiently, followed by accountability and credibility. If any agency or a freelance web designer has diverse experience, it is certainly an icing on the cake.

Let’s have a closer look at all the requirements that you as a business would need to evaluate.


There would be differences in the cost of associating with an experienced web design agency and a freelance website designer. The main reason for this is the approach. The cost of hiring a web design agency will usually be more than what you would pay to a freelance web designer.

Web design agencies follow a step-to-step approach, and strategies their efforts towards building websites which is certainly most critical. Agencies have worked in diverse industries and they understand how to incorporate creativity and blend it with a result-oriented approach. They have varied human resources, be it a designer, developer, graphic designers, and more.
And for this very reason, the cost for hiring a web design agency is higher than what you would pay to a freelance web designer.
A freelance web designer on the other hand, can charge you as per their own rates, which makes it a lot more affordable. It would also depend if you need a custom site or a template-driven solution.
If you look at it as an investment and not as an expense, you would be able to evaluate your decision better.

Skills & Requirements For Web Design Agency

Associating with a web design company means you will be exposed to a diverse skill set, whereas a freelancer will be able to provide limited resources and showcase only a set of skills.

Now, the onus will be on you to make the right choice as per your requirements. If are after a basic solution, and just want to make a website for the sake of it, you may want to opt for a freelancer, however, if you are after a more professional, clean, and custom solution with ongoing support, a web design agency like Make My Website will be your go to.


There are certain parameters that define credibility. The most important one is if you can count on your provider to be true to their job and complete the work within a specified timeline. Both agency and a freelancer would be able to demonstrate credibility- however, it would depend on what’s your definition of the same.

An agency would most likely have a physical address, but a freelancer would not be too easy to locate. In case of any issues, you would need to be able to reach out to your provider.

Usually, in these cases, agencies like Make My Website showcase better credibility. But if your work is fairly easy and would not require much of ongoing support, you may opt for a freelance designer.

After evaluating these aspects, you would be able to make a decision as per your requirements and get an answer to if you should hire a web design agency Melbourne or a freelance web designer.

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