Why Fail to Access Tplinkwifi.net?

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Before starting the process of configuration of the router, connecting the device to the TP-Link network is essential. The gateway to access the router admin panel is http://tplinkwifi.net. Besides this, you can also use the default IP address. Here, the mandatory question is Why fail to access tplinkwifi.net? There could be several possible reasons behind this and hence, this blog will tell you some of them and the solution underlying.

Steps to Resolve the Failed Access to Tplinkwifi.net

Getting an error while accessing tplinkwifi.net?. Not an issue, you can resolve them and can configure the settings of your router. By this, you will be able to make some personalised changes to the settings of your router. Follow some of the steps given below for the same.

  • It is possible that the public domain might be cached. Try clearing the browser cache and the history.
  • You can also work upon accessing the web address using a different browser than before. The low version of your web browser may cause compatibility issues with the web-based utility i.e the management page of the device so it might create a hindrance to logging in as well.
  • Try logging in using the IP address if tplinkwifi.net is not working smoothly. The IP address is mentioned with the user manual of the device or you can locate it in the control panel of your device.
  • If you have a number of multiple connections such as the wired, wireless or the VPN previously, disconnect them and keep only the wireless router network.
  • The idea to reboot your Tplink router may also work. Plugin the power cable and press the power button twice.
  • It is also suggested to power cycle the router or the modem. You can also try restarting your devices like desktops, laptops or phones that are used to access tplinkwifi.net.
  • You can also try using any other device with the router as the device may be having some prior issues.
  • Visit the control panel of your PC and try disabling the firewall. The disablement of antivirus software might help as well.
  • In the rare of the rarest cases, you can perform the reset function on the device. The factory reset will surely erase some of the settings like the personalised login credentials, SSID and password and of course other advanced settings and features.


The login page can be accessed with the help of the web address or the IP address. If any problem still persists while accessing or setting up,  you are free to call our team of technicians for any type of assistance and guidance. You can visit the website too or refer to the user manual guides.

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