How to Write a Concrete Research Methodology in Four Simple Steps?

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Entering into the final year of your degree program requires a lot from your end. You will be ask to work on a Master’s thesis or a PhD dissertation. When working on an academic writing task, you will be require to write a chapter based on the research methodology. The sole purpose of the chapter is to explain the method of research that you have done. The discussions of “What’s” and “How’s” of the research will be done in the particular chapter. Answering all the queries beforehand which may arise in the supervisor’s mind will add on the element of reliability and validity to your research. When writing the methodology section, you need to be aware of what is needed in the section.

  • The type of research that you have conducted
  • How did you collect your data?
  • How have you done the data analysis
  • Which tools and materials did you use in doing the research
  • Your aim and objective for choosing this methodology

Writing the methodology for the research paper might seem overwhelming for novice researchers. They can buy dissertation methodology from online service providers. By doing the act, the beginners will get an effectively written methodology for their methodology chapter. Whereas, if you still wish to write a research methodology on your own, the mentioned 4 steps will help you write the research methodology.

Explicate the methodological approach

Start the process of writing by the approach you have used for the entire research. Then, write about the question based on which you performed the research. Talk about the investigation you did and what data was there in your hands. There are 3 types of data collection methods involve in the research project.

  • Qualitative methods: the qualitative method is use to investigate particular concepts or topics in-depth. Such as interviews which come under the umbrella of qualitative research, are the best for interpreting and contextualizing. Which is the requirement in many cases of research writing. (Dowling, R., Lloyd, K., et al.)
  • The quantitative method is suggest when there is a need for measuring, categorizing, or ranking a specific product, service, or other similar elements. For instance, when we conduct a survey, we will get the mentioned data in hand.  
  • Mixed methods: mixed-method is a combination of both; the qualitative method and the quantitative method. (Long, H., & Pang, W. (2015)

You can choose upon any of the mentioned study methods and data collection according to your aim, approach, and, most importantly, your topic.

Discuss the methods used for data collection

After explaining the methodological approach that you will be using regarding the research paper, the next step is to describe and discuss the methods you have utilized for data collection. This section aims to explain to the other researchers and supervisors when, where, and how they have done the data collection for their written research.

For instance, if you have surveyed to gather your data. You have first to explain the question on which the survey is based, and then you will be stating what medium you used for the conduction of this survey. Like, via phone, online platforms, on in-person?

In the other case, if you have taken an interview for data collection, you will state the complete detail about the study you have done. The other researchers read your study to replicate it in their other project, and they may find a difference in the results from the ones you have stated.

Provide detailing and explanation for the uncommon methods

Your life gives you multiple chances to experience new things specifically; if you are a student of social sciences, then you might use the unique methodologies for research writing that are not commonly used and known. To use uncommon methodologies, you must give a detailed explanation for It.

If you are carrying out qualitative research, then you may know that the particular research method requires a more detailed explanation of the methodology compared to the quantitative one.

If you are carrying out a primary method for investigation, then there is no need for a detailed explanation of the methodology. The reason behind being precise is that the researchers and supervisors who are landing on the methodology chapter will have the primary and prior knowledge of a standard methodology such as surveys, interviews, questionnaires, etc.

Cite the information that is incorporated.

Citations are essential elements that need to appear in various parts of your research project. It witnessed that various literature review writing services and methodology writing services consider dinging the citation as a crucial part of the research paper’s reliability. Therefore, whenever you are writing a research methodology and incorporating the facts and figures, make sure to cite them. Citation is all about removing plagiarism by living the deserved credits to the author and reference sources. If you forget to cite the information you extract from other sources, your content will likely lose credibility by ranking among the plagiarized content.

Like for instance, if you are conducting a survey and adding on some other information extracted from a reliable source, here is the point where you will be doing the citation for the information that you have copied from the referencing sources.

Consider the perfect way to increase the credibility and reliability of the content. These are the 4 significant steps that will help you write a perfect research methodology. The research methodology acts as a backbone of a research paper. To understand all that is important for your research paper. Mohajan, H. K. (2018). Because it is all dependent on you, how smartly you act and what good initiative you put in for the writing process of the research paper. 

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