What You Need To Know About Ulta Credit Cards: Benefits And Features

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Ulta provides two credit cards: the Ultimate Rewards Ulta MasterCard and the Ultimate Rewards credit card.

Let’s dispose of fast with the Ultimate Rewards Ulta Credit Card. It is a store-only card, meaning that it works only for purchases made at Ulta Beauty shops or online at Ulta.com. With this card you get:\s20 percent on your first purchase;\s2 points for every $1 spent at Ulta Beauty shops or Ulta.com.

That’s The Whole Amount Of Advantages.

You may redeem your accrued points towards Ulta items, beginning with 100 points, which is comparable to $3. You cannot utilize the points anyplace else. We’ll come back to redemption value in a moment.

But let’s go on to the Ultamate Rewards Ulta MasterCard first, as the advantages are different.

Unlike the Ultamate Rewards Ulta Credit Card, the Ultamate Rewards MasterCard is a standard credit card, meaning you use it for purchases anywhere in the globe that accepts Mastercard. With this Mastercard you get Ulta 20 Off Coupon from your first purchase;\s2 points for $1 spent at Ulta Beauty shops of Ulta.com;\s1 point for every $3 spent anyplace else ’

500 Welcome Bonus points (equivalent to $17.50 in purchases at Ulta) once you spend $500 in the first three months somewhere that is not Ulta.

So, Are Ulta Credit Cards Good For Me?

If Ulta, for you, is the ultimate place for all your cosmetics and beauty requirements. Then the Ultamate Rewards Ulta MasterCard is certainly a fantastic pick.

And if you are the ultimate Ulta shopper, then the Ultamate Rewards MasterCard is considerably preferable to the aircraft Ultamate Rewards credit card since with the Ulta Credit Card you receive 3 points for every $1 spent, versus 2 points with the Ultamate Rewards card. Plus, it enables you to accrue points on all your other everyday expenditures in life.

The effect is that you will earn points considerably quicker with the Ulta MasterCard. So, to me, the Ultamate Rewards credit card is a non-starter for the Ulta consumer.

But here is the major caveat: Ultamate Rewards Ulta Credit Card is valid exclusively for purchase at Ulta. It is not a card that makes a whole lot of sense for spending on every day, non-beauty-related goods. One point for every $3 spent is inferior to other credit cards that provide considerably greater cashback alternatives, such as Citi Double Cash Card 18 month BT offer or Capital One Savor.

Ultra’s Ultamate points are exclusively valid for Ulta Credit Card purchases at checkout. You cannot transform your points into cashback that you may subsequently spend for, say, groceries or vacation or anything.

You May Only Use Them Towards Ulta Beauty Purchases.

This is not necessarily a negative thing for heavy users of Ulta MasterCard, since the money you spend at Ulta will convert into Ultamate Rewards dollar value that is higher than you would earn from spending the same amount at Ulta on a conventional credit card giving cashback choices.

If you spend $100 at Ulta MasterCard on an Ultamate Rewards MasterCard, you will get 200 points worth $6. If you spend the same $100 on a credit card that gives 2 percent cashback, you’d receive $2.

A 2 percent cashback Ulta Credit Card worth is less than Ultamate Rewards dollar value when you spend more, therefore the disparity widens as you spend more.

When It Comes To Non-Ulta Purchases, What Is The Dollar Value Comparison?

In contrast, if you use your Ultamate Rewards Ulta MasterCard outside of Ulta, you’re wasting your money. Take a look at the following graph, which contrasts the Ulta Mastercard with credit cards that provide 2% or 1.5% cash back:

Spending $300 will get you 100 Ultamate Rewards points, which are worth $3. Ulta provides one point for every three dollars spent outside of Ulta Credit Card. A 2 percent cash back credit card, on the other hand, would earn you $6 on the same $300 in purchases. You’ll also be better off with a card that gives you 1.5% cash back.

For most Ultamate Rewards levels, a 2% or 1.5% cash back card would have been much more beneficial. When you reach 2000 points, Ulta takes the lead with a 2 percent cash back rate, while at 1,000 points, the 1.5 percent cash back card takes the lead.

Ulta MasterCard is only worthwhile if you are committed to making all of your beauty purchases at Ulta.

To Be Considered, What Credit Score Do You Need?

As long as you have a credit score of at least 670, you should be able to apply for any of these cards with no difficulty.

Alternatives to Ulta MasterCard for People with Bad or No Credit

Consumers with a blemished or nonexistent credit history should avoid applying for an Ulta card.

Capital One Platinum credit card is a good option for those people who are seeking a Ulta Credit Card.

One of the greatest cards for those with bad credit, in my opinion, is the Capital One Platinum. It does not charge a yearly fee, and it automatically increases your credit limit after five on-time payments.

Due to the way credit ratings are calculated, timely payments and an increase in credit limit will raise your credit score. When it comes to boosting your credit, you’re not going to gain any advantages from Capital One Platinum. But that’s not what you need.

Conclusion: Is the Ulta Credit Card Worth It?

Many of the store-branded credit cards I’ve evaluated were obvious “No – don’t get it” choices.

Since Ulta MasterCard Ultimate Rewards MasterCard is a popular location for cosmetics and other beauty items. I can’t quickly say “no” to the card’s benefits.

To take advantage of this card, however, you must be a frequent Ulta Credit Card customer and only use it to buy Ulta products. The Ultamate Rewards points you receive as a result will be worth more than the 2% cash back you’d get from another credit card.

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